The latest generation of laptop computers provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality, and outstanding performance. So how do you decide between all the laptops out there? Our list of the best laptop computers for 2018 features the best MacBook for Apple die-hards, the best Chromebook for those who desire an affordable laptop with a super-light OS, and the best laptops if you’ve little money to spend. We’ve also selected the best 15-inch laptop, best 2-in-1, and the best gaming laptop.


20 thoughts on “The Best Laptops

  1. Man this video is completely wrong. Firstly there is no better gaming laptops than the ROG one's that's for sure. Secondly you've should mentioned the best pro books wich will surely be Asus zenbook pro 2018 with the smart TouchPad and Intel Core i9 inside it.

  2. Surface pro is super gimmicky though "buy everything separately" I'm surprised the charger came with it.

  3. I disagree…the samsung chromebook lacks luster in comparison with the C302 m3. Sure, the screen ratio may be convenient for some, and the screen may be better…perhaps the trackpad? but all the rest, specifically the keyboard, is a clear win for the asus.
    Given that i wanted some laptop, not that expensive mostly for commuting-writting (sorry for bad english) then i bet you know why i chose it. Besides its performance and battery are pretty damn good.

  4. Pass on the Dells. I do a decent amount of video conferences for work and I don't want people looking up my nose.

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