In this video, I will show you how I get cheap electronic components by salvaging from circuit boards. I get circuit boards from defunct electronic devices that I get practically for free, then I desolder all the useful components from them and sort them into drawers. It is a really cool way to get components cheaply.

A Good soldering iron to use:

A Solder Sucker:

A way to hold your parts:

A Good desoldering iron:

A Multimeter to test your components:
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20 thoughts on “How To Get Cheap Electronic Components (Salvaging From Circuit Boards)

  1. You'd love my transfer station. They have laptops, desktops, microwave ovens, speakers, amplifiers, washing machines, TV's, phones etc….
    I don't have a place big enough to store those things.

  2. Some you can break the board apart to get the components, others, heat gun, others, soldering iron. I've done it all, to harvest everything, use everything, copper, and even the gold.

  3. "Thank You", thank you very much. Your presentation was REALLY Really really good. I like to get the device you used to check your MOSFETS, transistors and voltage regulator. PLEASE send me a link 😎

  4. Very nice video, I wish I was this Interested or as smart as you are at your age.. I didnt even know a kid in my school that was doing any of this.. Not to mention the video editing and presentation is great, especially for a 1 man job im guessing.. And you haven't had 20yrs to screw around learning from different sources… Once again, good job man. Im working on editing a video… Any tips would be appreciated.. Thumbs up And Subscribed.

  5. Baahhhh don't use this torch!! 🤯😫🤮
    Buy a more powerful soldering-iron and use solderwick!!!!
    I recommend to desolder all 2w+ resistors and bigger smd components like Mosfets, bigger caps and shunts.
    Tip:Big THT diodes are also often useful

  6. You're going to be successful in life! Most kids at your age don't give a crap about acquiring knowledge like you do.

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